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Comfortable with design aesthetics ranging from classicism to modernism, Adam Suhl seeks to create functional and harmonious environments that bring peace and delight to anyone who spends time within them.

Each project is different, and while some customers are content with a napkin sketch and a handshake others may require the development of detailed landscape plans and construction details.  We are comfortable with either approach.

Utilizing CAD and SketchUp as well as manual drafting, Amphora produces landscape plans, construction details, renderings, and as-built documentation. We design water supply and irrigation systems, water garden pump and filtration systems, and landscape lighting systems. As for wood and masonry construction projects, Adam Suhl has designed everything from a timber-frame tea house in the woods to a seventy-foot masonry bridge spanning a wetland.

Although much of our work is designed in-house, Adam Suhl also enjoys implementing designs provided by many of the Northwest’s finest landscape architects and designers, as well as collaborations with general and specialty contractors.

We work with permit coordinators and other consultants to administer projects requiring regulatory agency approval such as work on the shoreline, wetlands, and areas of archaeological significance.

Amphora also provides hourly consultation services on design or other issues in your existing landscape such as plant health, appropriate pruning, transplanting, etc.