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The scope of Amphora’s capabilities range from planting a single tree to installing the infrastructure and grounds for an entire estate property. Although every project varies, a typical installation consists of the following phases:

· Mobilization and site work;
· Hardscape construction (masonry or wooden elements);
· Irrigation;
· Planting;
· Mulching;
· Site cleanup and demobilization.

Installation is the heart of our business and owner Adam Suhl possesses both a breadth of knowledge and a sense of urgency when implementing your project. We also benefit from a network of fellow consultants and tradesmen – from permit coordinators to barge operators, to plumbers and electricians – who help us to meet whatever special challenges may arise in the course of implementing ours and our customers’ visions.

Have a difficult site?  We have carried out successful installations in challenging settings ranging from steep hillsides to non-ferry serviced islands.

Please view our portfolio for examples of our previous wide-ranging projects.